2018 6 11

i wrote a diary yesturday, but it wasnt posted on. anyway,


monday is the beginig of the week. ive got write a diary in english. because i decided to do that. i dont want to be procrastinator.


i got up at 5:30 as usual and then i grabed some bread,  splushed my face, i study english.


i bought many groceries last weekend. i was stupid. because i cant finished everything i cooked by myself. 


i have no choice but to throw them out.

its waste of money. i wont do that again.


after school, i met Martin and talk. he took me to a book store near bloor young station. i didnt notice where it is. its right in front of my nose.


thank you Martin!

you always help me. and we went to a library. it is kitty coner of the book store.

unfortunately, i didint have ID, so i couldnt open an account.

i have to bring ID and address where i live next time.


it was nice day.